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Why You Should be Respecting the Elderly

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Anything that The elderly often need assistance and cannot provide the same benefits to cultures as younger people. However, humans are social beings, and they care for those who need assistance. Respecting the older generation is about manners, but it is also about ensuring that they are taken care of by society.

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Respect for the elderly is common throughout the world, and many believe it is a natural human impulse that has become enshrined in collective wisdom. While different cultures have different ways of showing respect, it is nearly ubiquitous in ancient cultures. Kowtowing , or kneeling and bowing so deeply that one's forehead is touching the floor, is practiced during worship at temples.

Kowtowing is a powerful gesture reserved mainly for honoring the dead or offering deep respect at a temple. Many codes of behavior revolve around young people showing respect to older people. Like in many cultures, younger Chinese individuals are expected to defer to older people, let them speak first, sit down after them and not contradict them.

Sometimes when an older person enters a room, everyone stands. People are often introduced from oldest to youngest. Often time, younger people will go out of their way to open doors for their elders and not cross their legs in front of them.

We must respect and care for elders

The older you are the more respect you are expected to be treated with. In many indigenous American societies , respect serves as an important concept valued in indigenous American culture. In addition to esteem or deference, respect is viewed as a moral value that teaches indigenous individuals about their culture. This moral value is treated as a process that influences participation in the community and also helps individuals develop and become integrated into their culture's community.

The value of respect is taught during childhood because the process of indigenous children participating in and learning about their community is an important aspect of the culture. Respect as a form of behavior and participation is especially important in childhood as it serves as a basis of how children must conduct themselves in their community. Children engage in mature activities such as cooking for the family, cleaning and sweeping the house, caring for infant peers, and crop work.

Indigenous children learn to view their participation in these activities as a representation of respect. Through this manner of participation in activities of respect, children not only learn about culture but also practice it as well. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Respect disambiguation.

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