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      The Multi-Store Model of Memory by Jess Cowburn

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      The multi store model in memory psychology

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      Multi Store Model of memory p2 - Memory (2.01b) Psychology AQA paper 1

      Go to first unread. Skip to page:. BrunetteChick Badges: 2. Report Thread starter 9 years ago 1. Please help, thanks. Not what you're looking for? GodspeedGehenna Badges: 0. Report 9 years ago 2. LettersFromTheSky Badges: Report 9 years ago 3. Davidoff99 Badges: 3. Report 4 years ago 4.

      Multi-Store Model of Memory | Psychology | tutor2u

      However his short-term memory remains intact. It has now become apparent that both short-term and long-term memory are more complicated that previously thought. In the case of long-term memory, it is unlikely that different kinds of knowledge, such as remembering how to play a computer game, the rules of subtraction and remembering what we did yesterday are all stored within a single, long-term memory store. Therefore, the role of rehearsal as a means of transferring from STM to LTM is much less important than Atkinson and Shiffrin claimed in their model. Report 4 years ago 5. Multi-store model notes. Key Psychologists and people. Long Term Memory Model. Multi-Store Model. The cognitive approach. The Multi-Store Model of Memory. This supports the Multi-store model of memory as the primary effect occurs due to the words being transferred to Long-term memory and the recency effect is due to the words still being rehearsed in the Short-term memory. KF Brain Damage: as a result of a motorbike accident his STM was severely damaged and could only manage 2 digits on the digit span test, however his STM was largely unaffected for visual material and sounds.

      His LTM also remained intact. KF's STM was only affected for acoustic information. Craik argues that there are different types of rehearsal: Elaborative rehearsal e.