Teacher dismissal doctoral dissertation

Teacher dismissal doctoral dissertation

For example, 93 cases were ruled in favor of the school board and 36 in favor of the educator. Sixty-five cases dealt with the teacher or principal's inability to follow board policy, direct orders, or directives from superiors. After being disseminated into several categories, the cases could then be divided into two key groups: 1 the educators charged with insubordination where there was inadequate substantiation to justify termination or the consequence was too severe or the constitutional rights of the individual were infringed upon, and 2 the employees who did not follow the policies set forth by the school board and administrative directions or were incapable of being models representative of the community morals and values linked to the schools they serviced.

As a result, it is necessary for administrators and school boards to realize the significance of the rationality in working with every employee in a professional way so that the constitutional rights of each educator and staff member are protected. It is crucial that educators perform in a professional way showing admiration for students, employers, and the community.

This will curb unnecessary legal ramifications. Every potential strategy must be used to circumvent litigation and produce the greatest probable educational organization. Further reproduction is prohibited without permission.

Degree Requirements

Copies of dissertations may be obtained by Telephone Dismissal Appeals changed from subtopic to topic. Continuous enrollment Fall Updated policy.

Confronting a Tough Issue: Teacher Tenure - Education Week

Topic updated to cross-reference new leave of absence and readmission policies. Includes section on failure to maintain continuous enrollment.

Leave of absence Fall New policy outlines conditions under which a student may request a time-specific leave of absence, and procedure for doing so. Includes new form GS-LoA. Committee structure redefined to accommodate new College structure. Graduate faculty status Fall New policy and guidelines added.

Advisory committee Fall Committee structure and member qualifications updated.

Teacher dismissal doctoral dissertation

Theses and dissertations ETD Fall Clearer timelines for thesis and dissertations and strict adherence to deadlines approved by Academic Council for fall Replaces online withdrawal via iROAR. Doctoral residency Fall Outlines and expands upon conditions and alternatives for doctoral candidate residency, given expansion over time of off-campus, online, and part-time doctoral study options. Dismissals Fall Determines which entities oversee dismissal; details infractions that warrant dismissal, sanctions, and criteria for student return following dismissal, where applicable.

English language proficiency for international teaching assistants Fall Defines state and institutional requirements for teaching-related language proficiency for international graduate teaching assistants.

Graduate Student Policies & Forms

Refreshments at defenses Fall Students undergoing oral examinations may not provide refreshments, gifts, or other inducements to committee members or attendees. As of August , list of changes is up to date. Current Academic Year: — Policy Affected.

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Number of required credit hours, course level, and maximum research hours added to clarify requirements.