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Have we consolidated some of the duties? Could the fact that we're dealing with a non-profit organization influence the roles? First, it may help to align the basic ten roles with our new six roles. Table 1 represents how some of the values line up. Continue reading this essay Continue reading. Toggle navigation MegaEssays. Saved Essays.

Henry Mintzberg's Managerial Roles

He also discusses the Process Strategy where management controls the process of strategy formation whilst leaving the actual ontent to others down the organizational hierarchy. The author explains that these deliberate-emergent strategies are essential in businesses that require great expertise and innovation. Mintzberg also dismisses the conventional view that change must be continuous with the organization adapting all the time but explains that strategic change takes place in strategic revolutions followed by periods of stability where change is only marginal.

According to Whittington, prescriptive strategy is a rational approach in which planning plays a vital role, and it is more appropriate for large and mature industries.

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However, Mintzberg challenged this perspective, saying that the process of strategy is distorted by the planning that misguides the organisations. The differences between prescriptive and emergent strategy can be identified in two points. Prescriptive strategy means formal planning, which involves an analytic process by top executives to set up a long-term mission and later undertaking by staff. In addition, due to the instability and variability in market conditions, management decisions depend on information that is imprecise and varied.

As a result, an emergent strategic approach is more suitable for forms to conduct and business strategy should be adjustable instead of developing a prescriptive strategy with a predicted result. Moreover, the difference can also be shown by the attitude towards learning. Purely deliberate strategy precludes learning once the strategy is formulated, emergent strategy fosters it.

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Though agreement and compromise are part of the formulation process, there is an evident lack of knowledge in the performance system, which leads to a process featured with the emergency of meaning. In terms of how learning applies to make the strategy, states that emergent strategy making means all the employees utilise the flexible and strong adaptability to equalise structure and rapid change rather than responding to external change. The basic problem in strategy making is to achieve innovation and remain consistent and reliable strategy implementation.

This may include adapt faster than other companies and responding and learning quickly from flaws. In another word, emerging organisation can improve employee effectiveness, resulting in a positive influence on greater creativity and motivation in the organisational processes, and it, in turn, leads to better organisational performance. In this article, it discusses emergent strategy, strategic reorientations and how to manage strategy. This is explained by compare with the deliberate strategy.

We can include some main strengths and weaknesses in terms of the strategy debate. There is no entirely prescriptive strategy or entirely emergent one, many approaches fall between these two extreme points. Although, a revelation, Amazon. IfM n. Joseph L. Joyce M. Beggs, Dorothy C. J, Streitfeld.

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