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It may be quite unexpected by most and can bring sudden heartache to loved ones. The title of the poem sounds like the poem will be something…. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Show More.

How Seamus Heaney presents childhood in “Death of a naturalist” and “Mid term break” Essay

The third stanza changes the focus from who died to the people gathered at the home. The baby cooed and laughed and rocked the pram. This line seems irrelevant in the development of plot but actually it provides detail and aids in contradicting the somber tone. It sheds light on a sad subject of which the reader is not yet fully aware. This stanza also helps draw out the plot so that the reader is still wondering what happened. The third and fourth stanzas describe what usually takes place in the homes when family members die. This aids in the development of plot because it is subtly letting the reader know that it was someone in the family but obviously not the father because he was crying and it was not the baby.

Could it be the mother?

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In addition to the comments above I would like to draw your attention to the contrast between school and home. The sick-bay where he sits at the beginning of the poem is the sanctuary, the safe place although in a normal situation it would be less familiar and less comforting than home. He returns into a topsy-turvy world which he cannot understand because of its new unfamiliarity.

Although he old enough to understand the permanence of death, he is not experienced enough to understand the customs of a funeral and is describing the events as though he is a traveller in a strange land. In a way it is once he is away from other people and with his brother, Christopher, that reality intrudes and he faced with the ordinariness of death which he explains in a matter-of-fact description of what he sees.

To me that last line shows a sudden maturity as he connects with the symbolism of the four feet for four years.

Behind that connection I hear the question why? Children would ask why a someone dies, but an adult would ask why a child dies so young. I feel that in that instant he himself lost his childhood. The way in which this is written is so effective. The death of a child is one of the saddest subjects for poetry and has often been visited with emotional words and a self-conscious aim to make you the reader, or listener, react emotionally.

Heaney has done the opposite. In the matter-of-fact observational retelling of the sequence of events he plays no poetic tricks so it is possible to visualise the scene without becoming emotionally involved. He maintains this detatchment throughout the poem, almost holding you at arms length. With that final devastating line he almost kicks you in the stomach, invites you to feel the full emotional impact of what the whole poem has been describing.

This is really sad. I had to chose a poem on nature, annotate it and describe the emotions on both writer and reader. Its great and was worth reading for my Englsh. Guest Posted on by a guest. This poem has allowed me to feel what the writer is feeling due to the expressions used.

Poetry analysis of Mid-Term break by Seamus Heaney. - GCSE English - Marked by

I just dont have understand this poem, but hsve to analyse the poetic techniques for an english essay, Need help!!! Snowdrops is a bulbous plant it doesnt mean actual snow drops. The room was decorated with candles and a early blooming plant Posted on by a guest. Seamus Heaney often writes about childhood and families. At the start of the poem, Heaney is in the collage sick bay at the Bording School he went to. He is in the sick bay because he is waiting for someone to come and pick him up and bring him home.

His neighbors then come and drove him home. Heaney was embarrassed because old men stood up to shake his hand.

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Also the people were most probable people that he did not know very well at all. The men told him that they were sorry for his trouble. To add to the embarrassment, the men were whispering that he was the oldest child in the family.

The ambulance had the corpse of Chris heaneys younger brother. It says that the corpse was bandaged by the nurses. Heaney went up into the room the next morning and saw Chris for the first time in six weeks. He did not see him because he was a boarding school for six weeks. Chris had a poppy bruise on his left temple and he had no scratches at all. This is referring to Chris being hit by a car, and the bumper of the car knocked him out of the way of the wheels. This is saying that chris was only four years old. This poem is really sad.

I know the Irish and recall my father-in-law telling me about a time when the family went to the graveyard to bury a young child. On their arrival home, two more had died of some childhood illness. So there was a time when death was a part of life that people dealt with personally rather than through a funeral director. At that time, they were at the cutting of life as opposed to one place removed as we are in our death-denying society.

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Recognizing that as life evolves, we will stop only briefly to note the death of a child who in earlier times might not have been named until 8 years of age. We will be touched by their passing and we will recognize that we, the living, go on. They young baby cooing crib is another child, alive and vigorous Our lives are marked in years The poem does indeed appear to be very clinical, which makes it so much more emotive. There are too many strange things occurring Dad crying, men shaking his hand etc and all these events make him fall into a very observatory state.

It reflect how many people deal with death, which is incredibly difficult for most to deal with and this is just a reflection to a response that death triggers. It is a very good, emotive and sad poem. In this poem the narrator the boy does not show any emotions. He must have feel as it is a dream. I believe that the use of clinical language, rather than making it seem as though there is less emotion, for me made it seem as though there is more. It is as if he has gone into numb state of mind, and that he is just so full of emotion that all he can do is stand by and watch. As if there are floodgates in his mind, trapping all the heavy emotions behind them so all he can feel is numbness, because the floodgates are not yet ready to open for fear that the emotion will take over.

Heaney is only a child when his little brother dies, and has probably not experienced such a personal, or such a surprising and sudden death of a child. The technique of the clinical language is effective because it almost manipulates the audience by resisting being sentimental or very emotional. In a way, it feels like Heaney shows more emotion when he is using clinical language, because of the deadness he must feel inside of him after the death of his little brother, and thus the use of the stilted language, makes the audience feel empathy towards his young self for the reason that the audience feels like he is not able to handle the death.

Some interesting comments here. Not really analyzing in serious depth here but, I personally feel there is a level of neutrality in this poem regarding the death.

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  7. It implies if Heaney barley knew his baby brother, so his death, despite how horrific the loss is, meant less to him. However, the fact her recounts all the events of the day with such clarity implies the event is bitterly imprinted in his memory.